Ham Radio Equipment from the 2010's

The timeline selects and sorts rigs according to manufacturing dates. Find rigs of your favorite era, or your year of birth.


 SunSDR2 SunSDR2
HF / 6m / 2m Transceiver
 VV-808U VV-808U
Single-band UHF mobile transceiver
 X108G X108G
QRP HF Transceiver
 YARD Stick One YARD Stick One
USB Transceiver
 HackRF One HackRF One
Programmable 6 GHz Transceiver
 openSPOT openSPOT
Standalone Digital Radio IP Gateway
 CS-Series CS-Series
Single Band SSB Transceiver
 SK-1A SK-1A
40m SSB Transceiver
 EK-1C EK-1C
3 Band QRP CW kit
8 Band - 20 W SSB/CW Transceiver
Portable HF/VHF Receiver
 BJ-UV55 BJ-UV55
Dual band VHF/UHF Transceiver
 BJ-851 BJ-851
10 W Rucksack repeater
 VV-808V VV-808V
Single-band VHF mobile transceiver
 Mini Mini
VHF/UHF SDR Receiver
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Rigs with uncertain manufacturing dates (like "19xx") are excluded from this page.